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Sunflower linen tablecloths

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-07


Materials required: paper, board wax, acetate fiber cloth, the adhesive tape used to mark, cut with liner, paper knife, cotton cloth, tailoring with pin, waxed paper and dye brush.


1, each color a separate stencil should be used in the design of the needs of three waxed paper, draw the design on paper, and then with plastic sheets to acetate fiber cloth or card affixed to the top.


2, using the same method, on the waxed paper in the other two marked the other two colors. Waxed paper on the first liner, the cement with plastic sheets with a paper knife to cut line, said the design patterns, stencil the other two are also treated in the same way.


3, with pin on the cloth pattern to accurately determine the location, the first choice of white light, with plastic sheets glued to the fabric on the waxed paper waxed paper to prevent movement of the stencil brush in the first color, then lightly coated fabric.


4, the pattern repeated in all applied the first color, such as paint drying, the second color. Waxed paper to cover the second pattern, the carefully the modal color line with the first alignment of the contour lines, such as in step 3 as the second color applied.


5, the pattern is repeated for all production, on the dry side. (So each step, the wipes are ready remove from waxed paper fell off the excess paint), when all the patterns are produced after the completion of a dry cloth so that all night in order to dry.


6, according to the needs of the color patch used to prevent dye fading when washing. Commonly used method is to set the temperature of the dry hot iron in the back of fabric. The fabric produced, the need to trim or turn over the edge of a small side slit.

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