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Porcelain painting

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-08
One of the paintings overlap design


If you look carefully, it can be seen that although all three plate design painted flowers, but if they overlap with, in fact, is a complete design of flowers, and placed separately, it sticks to spend every detail of design is also can clearly pop up.

This design style to the already rich design element to add more attractive.


Rendering frame chopsticks


  White ceramic chopsticks rack
  Brown ceramic pigment
  Small round brush nib.

Draw on images and text can be in accordance with the picture of the pattern for production, can also choose other ethnic patterns, rendering them to the shelves in the chopsticks. Best not to dilute the paint, because painting the ceramic on the need for adequate after a while, until after the paint dried into an oven temperature of 180 degrees bake 20 minutes.


Rendering of the plate


 Large, medium and small three packages of the white square plates
 Rose red, brown ceramic pigment
 The small round tip brushes
 Thick paper
 2B pencil




Will need to describe the patterns painted on the board first in the thick paper, and then carving knife will be some flowers down, as a similar paper-cut stencil templates.


Thick cardboard pressure will be the largest plate, the plate in the biggest draw on the complete pattern, and the remaining two plates in the corresponding part of the mapped pattern. If necessary, you can use 2B pencil design in accordance with the flowers gently in the hook plate contour map, and then use the color brown sticks of drawing flowers with rose red flowers and bud color rendering. A good place to be after the painting dried paint, and then brown color point-tipped stamens. Standing after 24 hours into the oven with baking temperature 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes in order to become decorative painting and cleaning


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