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Decorative tiles

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-08


template map to use, resulting in a clean and full of personality results. You can map out the level of clear, colorful design.


Compared with the template, and save time and manpower on a seal, and easy to operate. Try, you will be surprised. The starfish pattern map is excellent decorative bathroom wall.


End painted tiles, you definitely something more to say they would like to add some small decorations. In order to ensure that wear-resistant design, it should be in protective paint brush before, the details of decoration.


Simple paste of small ornaments, but also a significant effect, it a try. Only a protective coating in the paint after some self-adhesive glue trinkets.


With a sponge dipped in paint on the wall by the method is also very good, simple and easy. Can only select a paint color, you can choose two colors separated from each other to form a contrast and complement each other results.


Free-hand painting with brushes on these patterns for the ceramic tile added to the charming effect. You can design all the same type of ceramic tile patterns, ceramic tile can be painted with a few patterns. Patterns can be a straight line, curves, dots and so on.

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