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Milk box drawer

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-09



Long milk box, corrugated paper, cardboard, wrapping paper, glue



(1) truncated at the top of milk box, boxes for several parts tall.

A, the bottom as part of drawer.

B, middle part, you can make a bottom,The body at the bottom of milk cartons and bonding together


(2), in the production process, Not too much to deal with, as long as a piece of paper paste, together with handles.

(3) the production of a cardboard box in a drawer, and the appearance of paperboard packaging.

2, done with corrugated cardboard outer box, and made not the same as the depth of the drawer

Tip: the periphery of a small drawer of paper sticky notes can be posted on behalf of, the sale can be purchased in paper shops.

it is time-saving, labor-saving to use Double-sided paper with glue




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