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How to make Mosaic table

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-13


  Mosaic decorative materials in the market you can buy, we recommend that you try to choose the same color can also be designed in accordance with the purchase of on-demand pattern, so that more precise. Under normal circumstances, the color of the mosaic is not commonly used in your price will be much greater. Mosaic for a variety of surfaces, it is strong wear-resistant, beautiful generous, can smooth the effect of the formation, but also embodies the rugged design.

  It is is a stone mosaic products, decorative table after the re-will become more, you need to consider, as appropriate. In addition if you want to put a bathroom or outdoors, it should use waterproof glue and cement as adhesive mixing.

  Production process

In earlier years, the mosaic was once a kitchen, bathroom protagonist, now a large area from the functional areas of retirement, it has become the highlight of the personalized decoration. Common mosaic of the area is about 4 square centimeters, making it suitable for a variety of stitching patterns. Today, we teach you how to create a strong sense of mosaic art table. 
  Will be designed in accordance with the proportion of the logo painted on paper with colored pencil drawings on the standard definition of the location of each piece of mosaic, which is very important, must not be too hasty. In accordance with the drawings, pencil and ruler on the desktop will be a good mosaic pattern painting (if smaller, the drawings can be 1:1, such as replication through replication).

   If the desktop is wooden, you can use a knife on the desktop wallpaper depicts the effect of mesh to make it a stronger adhesion force. Wear rubber gloves, a fruit knife with the old cement transferred to polyvinyl alcohol and synthetic adhesive applied evenly on the table (about 3 mm thick), the attention of the blank pattern left each mosaic of an interval of approximately 2 3 mm. Adhesive and then placed on the mosaic and gently press, there is an error in time transfer, adhesives in 20 minutes to reach the normal strength. In order to aesthetics, but also the side of the table inlaid mosaics.

  If you want to cut mosaic to fill in a smaller space, it is necessary to use ceramic tile or steel clamp to cut the clamp. Clamp near the end of grip pliers, the shape of labor-saving and easy to control. All work is completed, will place the table within 24 hours, so that the effect of the strongest adhesive.

  A day later, then a layer of adhesive coated surface of the table so that the cracks were filled. If the adhesive to add color, then pointing to the formation of color effects.

  Finally, remove excess with a wet sponge the glue, in the uniform appropriate to fill the place. After the adhesive fully solidified once again wipe the surface with a wet sponge, it has been done.


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