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How to make Automatic Aquarium

Source: Author: Time:2008-05-05


This is my design, I am seeking is simple, so in the tank I want to see a device, while the round is a general valve, while the side is a solenoid valve, automatic water exchange, and I am The fish tank is 2500 * 650 * 900 level 750, size large, so I used the water heater heat, which can save a lot of electricity! I figure out where did the second draw, the program there, but did not put it into CAD, later for everyone to see, my pursuit is simple, and hence are placed in the bottom of the tube, some people may say my insecurity, I do not like the side of filter (as occupying a little place, not too beautiful, to see the side of the device , etc.) I also put this on the local fish, so that a larger tank!
1. I have to do this is to use halogen chandelier lighting, with an open design. daily automatic on / take care of light.
2. a daily automatic / manual change the water. no human intervention, in accordance with a pre-set change the water. can be set to change the water once an hour.
3. with the water heater heating temperature is not enough when a pump starts, water through the water heaters, water heaters start, heated and returned to filter slot. water does not directly back to tank, will not hurt the fish soup.
4. All of the above control is provided by Siemens, the company's common logic module LOGO. to achieve.
5. overheated \ water level is too low, it will alarm and call notification.


This is the first one looks like, and even the base of the pipeline could not see.



This is a temperature controller



Chassis is a welded stainless steel, with two centimeters thick material, was custom-made stage are used, just so, to make sure that tank more secure. Afraid of wood a long time, and will be broken, and the cylinder is relatively high, such as the of wood, which will become a very small space. welding good after playing a lot of explosions on the ground screw, and then get a good soldering iron racks, very strong, when in welding, cement, both master and master locksmith with the amount of acceptable standards, to ensure do a good job after the cylinder will be very flat, the average force.




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