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change daylight lamp into floor lamp

Source: Author: Time:2008-06-09

Looked at the diagram of the lighting or what not think the Ikea brand-name household products businesses, or the expensive lamps. In fact, it is done with ordinary fluorescent lamps is our family's new home DIY floor lamp. Yourself a great sport.


three groups of fluorescent lamps
a wooden or metal lighthouse
some electrical materials (wire, insulation tape, three sets of series connectors, etc. )
a number of bolts

three groups of ordinary fluorescent lamps, wattage, and power can choose, it is recommended not to use too high. Now where are covered lamp ballasts, and the smaller, almost chip replacement. So we do not consider the large-scale ballast device.

Lighthouse of the three groups at both ends of joints unloaded, distinguish between left, since the decision in the last there, over there the next. In principle, we will contain the following on the side of starter. The replacement of convenience. Now a lot of light inside has no ballasts and starters in. This also will not have any lights up and down. However, during the installation process of information must be master electricians.

Wood or metal used to make a lighthouse, and a roof

Lighthouse, cap size of drawings

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