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DIY jeans carpet by jeans trousers

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-09

An old pair of jeans can also be turned into what? As you can see the same, you can transform into the carpet!
In fact, strictly speaking, this method can not be said tutorial, but the feeling is a good idea oh ~
pair of jeans is in itself can be worn all spring, summer autumn and winter, and cool in summer, warm in winter, is a good the use of this feature.
carpet need is this, feel cool in summer, winter, warm feeling.

Home and found the three had to wear an old pair of jeans
brought mercilessly by my broken down, and He He.

Highlights: random decomposition, Oh, so it is even more "cowboy", as long as makes up a square can be a good fight ~
After the seam with the sewing machine, the hand-stitched work? Will get your little hands swollen, Hehe ~
Finally, on the edge with a glue gun stick the lace, modified a bit.

See, it is so complete, highly personalized cowboy rich carpet of ~

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