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DIY air conditioner hood

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-15
1, the amount of size.
This is in accordance with our family look like the amount of air-conditioning. Side of the wall slightly wider than the front.

2 After the cut the amount of infantry. I cut to three, lazy and want to sew a little less Hei hei. Is equivalent to the following, positive and above the cut together. And then cut two symmetrical, left and right

3, below a slope of air-conditioning in our home, it is also a steep cut out below.

4, take home a small printed cloth to pick two favorite colors, the cut in four small box, and then sewn together in Figure.

5, with the paper clip should first Patchwork fixed in the middle of the front air-conditioning is good, If I want to lace can be fixed together, and then sewn up

6, shown in Figure 2, from the direction of the arrow in accordance with the corresponding color sewn up will be completed. I have the green line in Figure 4, the location of a wide elastic sewn up, so that a more intimate enclosures attached to the air conditioning on. Sewing elastic, the first after the normal 1-2cm slit while gently Larsson tight side of the seam you can play the role of elastic, and the formation of the natural creases, but also some lovely.

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