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DIY classic lamp & chair by waste thing

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-09

▲ disposable plastic cups, inexpensive volume is enough, we have been using it. However, after used, in addition to pollution of the environment on the Mosha used it? Art student Peter Castelluci the collection will be made up of this innovative plastic cups Tingyou lights, you can try.

▲ 1995 years, with Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13" in the brilliant re-interpretation of received Oscar nominations. Over the past 14 years, those people full glory of the film this so? Is not known, but the whereabouts of some of them very clear, was the artist Michael Marcovici Vienna, made a film this light - light shone under the brilliant yesterday's memories. Of course, the film is not easily able to buy copies, so if you DIY one, using 35 mm film cameras, it, shoot it a few volumes, circle up became the cost is also low.

▲ plastic cups are place, then bottle it? Frosted bottle lamp, designed by Jerry Kott, will be frosted bottle outside of treatment (or too light transmission of), to remove the bottom of the bottle is not as personal likes, and then squeezed light bulbs, bottle Department with glue and the like will be Fixed-line housing, power on ok the.

▲ Plastic cutlery is the Black Valley School of Design students new favorite, they will be the collection together, haphazardly piled up (uh, as they dump the state of ... ...), and then stuffed into a few light bulbs, so, a modern art was born ... ...

▲ beer crates ... chandelier ... I've never realized that most cases of beer crates actually disgraced can be so gorgeous, as early as a few months to see if their own on the availability of a ceiling decoration

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