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DIY classic lamp & chair by waste thing

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-09

▲ When you killed the Apple laptop, please be transformed into the Memorial Wall to show it, yes, if the LCD screen's backlight is not broken, do you even light bulbs are able to save ~ When the white light shot through the apple logo , I guess Steve Jobs will also be touched by your piety.

▲ This is valuable antique lamps, right? - Antique? You to take a closer look, these are the kitchen garbage ... ...

▲ This powerful, self-Ju Gulu into a chandelier, really is quite good to read.

▲ the bathtub into a sofa ... ... uh, this next Yuanyang Yu on the much simpler, ha ha. Map using the old-fashioned cast iron bathtub, ceramic bathtub to be so difficult to deal with the estimated would be larger, but the results will be better.

▲ This is basically an aluminum air box checked, yes, but also can be used to hold things, but it will undoubtedly be transformed into a more eye-catching computer desk

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