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DIY jewel case

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-22
home scrap of paper carton, and run out of tape loop, usually throw it away after we run out, and now we have to teach something to do with these beautiful jewelry boxes, raw materials easy to find, easy to operate and very practical.

    Finished photo

First of all we have to choose the right raw materials: needles and thread, scissors, tweezers, beads, fish line, the old T-shirt, thick cardboard, decorative paper. There are the most important thing, it is clear plastic with the remaining waste after the circle.

Now I put a picture made up of raw materials we take a look at

Decorative Paper:

after use of paper and transparent plastic ring that had been due to run out of the landscaping before, so took a model did not run out. Landscaping that will be mentioned below.

Beads are a lot of MM such gadgets will be made available at home, if not, buy them is also very cheap. Colors can mix and match according to their own preferences.

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