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DIY mosaic flower pot (2)

Source: Author: Time:2009-05-19

1. Required materials

(1) color mosaic tiles

I think this DD is not difficult to get it, as long as the decoration of the place, everywhere.

(2) the empty basin

best porcelain, durable, it did not get hold of thick porcelain-point fast-food containers are also OK, Hehe.

(3) Si Li Kang

hardware stores in general, there will be sold. Buy the 502 or glass with plastic will do. However, when in use, do not get clothes and shoes up, did not do anything to post knocked off my shoes on the now soiled with a white.

(4) sealant

hardware store and building materials in general will have a city to sell, cheap 5 yuan a pack, on the list.

2. Hands-on start

The tile uniformly coated with silicon Li Kang

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