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DIY Travel

DIY water bag for outdoor sport

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-23
a. used in all industrial-grade pneumatic components, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, gas-tight, long-term stability of the non-ordinary civilian products comparable. Parts Department can withstand 1.5Mpa pressure interface.
b. simple structure and easy maintenance. Loaded drinks milk are difficult to clean off the bottle body can be directly discarded.
c. drawn wide range of low-cost (less than 5 yuan).

popular version of
a. diameter 8mm, wall thickness 1.5mm, length 1.2M transparent PU trachea, the best selection of imported brands. (Shenzhen SEG or Huaqiang counter market, on sale)
b. diameter of 8mm, quick straight connector 1.

c.  1.5L bottle a (preferably optional unification or Master Kong, because the bottle inside a sealed pad)
d. 10cm thin nylon rope, a small quick hanging.
Ultra Edition additional material
e. PU films or flexible plastic film, waterproof silicone or resin.

a. stationery, knife, screwdriver or a 7mm diameter rod
b. fire

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