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DIY Food
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chinese food-Egg board

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-17


Egg board

Egg board 


  1, a bowl of rice.

  2, 12 shrimp.

  3, 22 cooked green pea.

  4, half sweet.

  5, one-third of the root of cucumber.

  6, two eggs.

     7, 2 scallions.

  8, 1 tsp curry powder.

  9, three spoons of tomato sauce.

  10, cooking wine 1 tsp.

  11, Salt.

1, cucumber, sweet pepper were cut Xiaoding; get a bowl beat eggs, salt, whipping into a place suitable egg; chopped scallions; starch Riga was a small amount of water into water starch; shrimp sand line cut to let into the cooking wine, salt, a spoonful of coffee mix starch salted water for five minutes.


2, very badly a pot heat the oil, pour egg broken after cutting spatula.


3, will be pushed to eggs, cucumber, sweet pepper, fried small shrimp about 2 minutes.


4, into the rice, regular salt, stir the fire with about a minute.


5, put curry powder, stir into curry green broken rice bowl loaded stand.

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