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DIY Food
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Chinese food-Xinjiang Dapan Chicken

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-18


Chicken, potatoes (4), Green Pepper (2), red pepper (2), green (1), ginger (5), garlic (5), pepper (1 tablespoon), dry chili (15 only)


Oil (6 tablespoons), salt (1 tablespoon), sugar (2 tablespoons), soy sauce (2 tablespoons)


2 .potatoes to pieces of skin into a hob; Wash green peppers , remove the pedicle, all oblique slices.


3 .green onions to the head and tail, then cut into half-paragraph; clothing stripped garlic, ginger and cut into chip stand.


4 .Heat 4 tablespoons oil pan, Add 2 tablespoons sugar syrup foaming, stir into the chicken keep its color

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