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Homemade South India pie

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-19


1, for the curry chicken fillings directly to the supermarket to buy the bags, in addition to flavor the chicken, and beef curry-flavored sauce.

2, dough package after filling into the curry, it is necessary to seal clenched, as far as possible its sealed housing, so as to avoid when pressed into pie fillings escape the impact of the taste crust.

3, dough proofing, the summer should be covered with wet cloth made up at room temperature, winter is on the gauze pad on the rice cooker steamer made up until the surface bulging Run, shiny, volume increased significantly , easy to recover after the hand by far, the completion will be considered made up.

4, parsley sauce is a spice, if not be able to buy in the supermarket, can be used in place of vanilla at the end, but the taste will change a bit.

cooking materials

(one person)

Materials: dough (80 grams), curry chicken meat (40 grams), not parsley (2 g), olive oil (3 tablespoons)

material: high gluten flour (21 grams), Nakasuji powder (26.7 grams), water (6 g), water (24 grams), yeast extract (0.5 g), lemon juice (1.8 grams)

tools: oven, electronic scales


Dough mixed and constantly rubbing up into a dough, to the dough covered with damp cloth, made to wake up three hours.


Check that 80 grams of dough, dough after standing aside for 15 minutes to wake up fat, it will rub the dough into a cake, including 40 grams of curry paste.


After the package into the curry paste into the electronic scale, the question curry paste and stuffing 120 grams, it is sealed with dough fillings.

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