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Chinese food-agaragar jelly

Source: Author: Time:2008-05-20
Approach is very simple, buy green bean powder, the ratio is 1 copies of mung bean flour +6 parts of water

1. Should first 1cup of water adding 1 / 2 cup mung bean flour, stir

2. 2cup into the pot of boiling water

3. Will fire off half, mung bean flour in the water side of the mixing one-sided wok, this time into a pot of water will immediately viscous liquid and continue to stir

4. When the pot of liquid into a semi-transparent white uniform completely disappeared into the mucus after a container (for molding, you can use a bowl or glass boxes and the like)

5. Will turn on the water containers in the pool, water flow from the container with a small edge of carefully flushing (Do not pour directly into the grass jelly, above, will be to come up with Dong Dong), the best to a larger container into another container inside, and then has been using irrigated with.

6. Over 20-minutes to half an hour, grass jelly would have been completely cooled hardened

7. The grass jelly, cut into 2 cm square pieces, garlic, Laogan Ma, old vinegar (balsamic vinegar), soy sauce, oil mixed up a good casting, a delicious Sichuan bean jelly like the

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