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DIY salted egg yolk moon cake

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-07

Raw material (can be bigger cakes 8, or a small moon cakes, 20):
flour, 160 grams, 40 grams of vegetable oil, conversion syrup (or golden syrup) 110 ~ 120 grams of caustic water 1 / 2 tsp (available small soda (bakeing soda) 1 / 2 tsp + 1 tsp water instead), salt a little, moon cakes, stuffing (large cakes need 880 grams, the small moon cakes require 600 g), salted egg yolk (large cakes need 8, the small moon cakes require 10 months), alcohol (rice wine or rum, or sorghum are OK) 2 tablespoons, decoration (egg yolk 2, water or corn sryup or vegetable oil 2 tsp, stirring evenly).

1, the oil, molasses, caustic water, and salt containers, microwave cooking for tens of seconds, to syrup thinning. Sieve into the flour, mix well with a rubber knife, moon cakes made of leather is as soft as the ear lobe on the right. Cover the plastic wrap, at room temperature for more than four hours.

2, salted egg yolk in the wine and soak 10 minutes Qu Xing, egg yolk and then put in oven, do not preheat oven baked directly, 325F bake 7 minutes. Remove Dai Liang.

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