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DIY Food
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DIY dried pork slice

Source: Author: Time:2008-09-01

Panasonic microwave oven with grill features a thin barbecue
choice (do not mix barbecue, aluminum foil will burn up in downloading)
this time with the microwave oven barbecue should pay special attention must be looked at in the next, for the first time I did not watch found in aluminum foil burned up, scared to death of me
have the TF oven is very easy, direct high-fire grill 6 minutes

Tu, aluminum foil is not finally burned to a

Microwave 7-8 minutes, need to grill a
to time out and look at a face
looked very nice, ah, He He

Grilled meat will shrink the time, and I do not know because of the relationship between the plates of meat, or too much oil inside the relationship because the volume is too small microwave oven, so a one-time investment material is too small to continuous reaction, manual operation is still necessary to

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