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DIY Food
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Chinese food-chili sauce

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-29

   First, of course, necessary to wash dry chili must be dry! Although the practice of hot pepper sauce is not complex, can also pay attention to the most crucial thing is not contaminated with oil and raw water. A good grasp of these two points, and that your basic chili sauce also can be successfully

    I wash my dried red peppers lying bamboo plaque, the very stunning sense of it!

   Ingredients in a high degree of white wine, of course, Erguotou strong enough! Friends do not like garlic can also be letting go. Also added a point of ginger, but forget that shot, He He……

   Should first cut smaller segment pepper, ginger and garlic cut into small pieces and then use the mixer to break the degree of their favorite lines. (With scissors to the advantage of not hot hand, or else Duojiao though delicious, can be hand will suffer another!) Came out to see it, I was a left-handed, Hei hei!

   Pepper mixing well, add salt, sugar, Double pot, liquor, mix well can be.

   The food container inside a sealed, you're done, we waited a few days later taste delicious bar!

do a good job cooking the chili sauce, or whether it is adorned with very convenient and delicious than the supermarket to the N generation, and certainly does not contain any preservatives, colorings! Waiting for what, you come and try it, let this autumn weekend in flies is booming!

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