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DIY egg tart

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-16

Ready ingredients (The following material is the weight of the 12 egg tarts)

tart skin:

Low-Powder: 150 grams
butter: 20 grams
warm water: 100ml
salt: a little bit of
Sugar: 1 teaspoon
margarine: 125 grams (if you do not like the greasy, you can reduce the dosage, 90 grams can be)

tart Water:

whipped cream: 140ml
milk: 140ml
Sugar: 40 grams
condensed milk: 15ml
yolk: 3
low powder: 7 grams

1, all the tarts leather materials, mixing, forced knead about 10 minutes to make dough out of bars, until the film can be pulled out like.

Pull the dough-like film

2, Margarine soft at room temperature and decentralized, with plastic wrap across the knocking into one large.

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