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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - sausage rice

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-20
Friends who gave Jigen sausages, think about this kind of weather to eat sausage with rice in very good shape! Besides, I have not tried to get sausage with rice! The new meaning of the mess things up good.
Today, get sausage under her father's memory to get a meal, taste good! Ting Xiang!
sausage 2, about 32 meters, oil, salt, soy sauce, ginger, spring onion and a
1, sausages, cut thin slices; ginger shred ; onion cut fine.
2, panning good rice reserve.
3, casserole put the right amount of water, cook to boiling off a small fire.
4, from the pan, put ginger until fragrant, then put off a small torch to fry sausages look, blow out oil is used for! Sausage Sheng since then, leaving the oil in the pan.
Note: In fact, the steps 34 can be run simultaneously.
5, would be a good m Amoy poured into the pot, non-stop duplicating, until the meters were all oil mix well. Meters of water will be dry, put down a little salt and soy sauce, then continue to mix well.
6, turn off the heat, put a good fried rice Sheng Jin boil water in a casserole, the flatten rice and noodle dishes, open fires, cook to water-start, off to simmered, covered with lid to cook.
7, see the rice would be a good time, that is, rice and noodle dishes have already shown one by one, when the bubble. Water was not completely dry, put sausage into them, covered with lid, and then continue to cook.
Note: Do not too much attention to the furnace. Careful focus of the meal.
8, such as rice water completely dry, I heard a little squeak bottom of the pot when the fire off. Diced green onion, then pour in, covered with lid, baked 15 minutes, then they can eat it

Cut thin sausage

Fried sausage

Saute the rice, with flavor

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