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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - fried cake

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-20
Material: Jiang amount of rice, brown sugar, Dou Shaxian
practices: do a good job filling in advance, here special thanks to her father one day in advance to use a pressure cooker pressure on the soft red beans, then spoon crushed thin, but also accompanied by red Tangban uniform, a good filling is half ha ~ ~
1, will be placed in very small amount of rice river water, patience, quick hands twisted small particles uniformly moist.

2, the pots placed in the fire, put away Grate and tray cloth, covered with lid, heat emitting see, even sprinkle a thin layer just rub a good river rice, then covered with lid, look at that there is heat emitting and continue to sprinkle on top, knowing all the surfaces are thoroughly steamed, steamed. (Note: The surface must be evenly scattered.)

3 Serve hot steamed rice into the river a good container and immediately began to rub smooth.

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