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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - Fried Spare Ribs Wuxi Style

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-18
Wuxi spareribs
Ingredients: rib
accessories: onion, broccoli
spices: MSG, rock sugar, red yeast rice, grass and fruit, cinnamon, geraniol, dried tangerine peel
cooking Methods:
1, pot add appropriate amount of water, the ribs one by one after shooting a layer of starch into the pot without stirring to the boiling water, cook bloody after the remove and backup;
2, casserole in the increase amount of hot water into the ribs, Ginger, after speeding into the oil a little, take cloth bags turn into geraniol, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel, fragrant fruit, grass and fruit, red yeast rice, tied tightly into the pot after the , the redeployment rock sugar, salt, MSG small Huodun 40 minutes;
3, after opening the cover by adding onion, cook for 5 minutes, Cheuk broccoli can be cooked with pork ribs with the transfer to a plate.
characteristics: rosy bright, soft rotten Xianxiang.

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