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DIY melaleuca chestnut pie

Source: Author: Time:2009-01-07

Okay ~ is well prepared to work formally started ~! !

The first is i pie

* Screen-off in the mixed powder by adding salt, mix well and add butter, pre-frozen over;
    * Use plastic or stainless steel cutter knife while roughly chopped butter, sprinkle the top side of the powder mix in the cream;     
    * At this time the cream is still granular, while rubbed in the cream powder, while crumble to bits with the fingertips until the butter lumps disappear and the whole mix well until the powder;   

    * Butter thinned to some degree, on the use to be rubbing his hands, so that soft pink loose change. Knead into bread into a yellow powder, when the central digging, add 80ml of cold water (warm water, then butter it will melt).     

    * Use Cutter crushed to powder, and gently mix well, using cut into the way of mixing, to allow water to fully absorb;  

    * And other batter harden a bit and slowly join the rest of the cold water, Hunban evenly, until all are absorbed into the water, the stop mixing action;

    * Switch to the bottom side of the pressure side of the palm of your hand rubbing, kneading, after smoothing crumpled;

    * The dough into the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap for 30 minutes (wrap the dough in order to prevent the evaporation of water);

   * Show off frozen dough, placed on high-flour roll scattering surface on the table roll surface, roll into a rectangle 10X30cm;

    * Roll after a good scrub with a brush to the surface coated with a high excess flour;
    * Put skinned in front of 1 / 4 and the rear 1 / 4 to the middle income;    
   * A further look at the semi-folded, face turned into four;   
    * Once again rolling into 10X30cm rectangular face, and then folded into four, and then wrap with plastic wrap into the refrigerator for 30 minutes;

    * In accordance with the gist of 12,13, roll flat → folding → freezing, repeat 2 times.
    * Skinned frozen after the last time out, divided into three equal portions, each roll into 18X14cm the thin-skinned, put the paved pad of paper in the oven oven, poke holes into the 190-degree oven 12 to 15 minutes. After the baked crisp cool place out on the web.              

  The latter repeated freezing action is to seek the most exquisite taste, which is the production of bread and pastry is often done and can not be omitted. # p # subtitle # e #
followed by iii custard, custard do first, after doing chestnut cream, chestnut cream begin directly after the combination of doing a good job.

】 【Bell, Papa cream puffs we all ate Bar ~ ~ ~ This lake is that of milk egg butter cream puffs inside ~ ~ Of course, my taste can not be exactly the same as ~ ~ Here is the production method:

* the milk into the pot (heat required), the beans from the pods of the vanilla scrapings, added to milk Lane, opened in the fire, carefully stirring, boil before the turn off, standby. (PS: If using a vanilla oil, then joined in after the flame!!)              

    * The other side of the egg yolk and white sugar into the pot, by mixing with the whisk carefully grinding until the color white so far.

    * Put the clay of low-powder all join the fight pot egg and carefully mix well. (PS: the low powder sieve, if, however, it would be difficult to smooth custard!)

   * Low powder mix well, we began adding just Xuxu De herbs cooked in milk, stirring the whole uniform (in this case milk Jiugen rubbing surfaces should be noted that, like, milk must be full of patience, slowly add, or milk batter can not be into the paste, but rather into a block of!!).

    * Mix and then into the pot full and open in the fire, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, start a batter will be very rare, but gradually there will be sticky. Appears to be erected a wooden spoon after sticky, like the scraping bottom of the pot stirring carefully rounded Side. Wait until the batter becomes thick and silky cream-like, but also with the gloss off when the fire. And add cream, stir well.        

   * Put the milk, mixing good batter transferred to the shallow mouth of the pot, covered with plastic wrap and let cool, put into the refrigerator. (To take advantage of frozen time can begin to do chestnut cream) frozen promptly after the filters sift again, is complete.

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