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DIY melaleuca chestnut pie

Source: Author: Time:2009-01-07

Followed by chestnut cream

this relatively simple and put in the pot in the salt-free butter, cream with a plastic knife Ban Cheng-like, by adding Mix chestnuts mud. Oil hit the milk foam (with eggbeater scoop the extent of fall from will be large, but not the click-cream foam view post) installed after poured cream, chestnut soil of the basin, but also into the cocoa powder, rum, you can carefully mix well.

(Novice Tip: Here's how to hit fresh cream foam, novices do not think this is the look inside Whisk Canal became something to fight Oh, note that this requires slightly more due to the length, later issuing a separate new posts description)

Finally lay the foam whipped cream
(this is mainly window dressing, eating their own words to steal what lazy, how left out he will not affect the taste)

good exciting time for the arrival of success is at hand, and now can begin to assemble them.

* first to put a cold pie of that 3 will be respectively cut them in half, so that became such a big six. Out of which two will do to stay put at the bottom of one side with the remaining four and a half cut again became eight. So now have 2 large skinned, eight small-grain leather.       
    * First 2 large skinned according to the original look like a good fight right on the table, cast on them chestnut cream, sugar, cooked chestnuts according to personal preference, take the right amount of cut into the size, scattered in the chestnut cream top, and then oh In the above covered with 4 small skinned, the above and then the entire cast custard. And then covered with the remaining four small-skinned, with a knife gap between the small pie cut, it cut into four. This basically completed. 

    * You want to look good points, and were awed by the words, they spend doing something, will lay the foam whipped cream on top with the crowded flower bags were squeezed into a flower, each flower and then put half the sugar, chestnuts, and threw some chopped a walnut, cut to fine chocolate, the best sprinkle some icing sugar, I was done ~! ! !     

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