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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - delicious fish chowder

Source: Author: Time:2009-01-07

Small yellow croaker is very fresh, this dish is the 12 small yellow croaker removed the fish, not do not know, split the fish was too much trouble, in particular, fishbone, and only a genius rest there are thoughts do think tastes should be cool to oh ~ Hey Kazakhstan ~

steamed fish can not be too familiar with oh

Ingredients are simple: black fungus, mushrooms

In turn introduce the next: black fungus, shiitake mushrooms (chopped), fish, eggs, 1 (usually with egg white, egg yolk is not a waste of their own to eat), a little starch

1, stir-fried with a little oil under the accessories
2, stir well into the soup boil after
3, into the fish
4, pour the next egg
5, starch, water, thicken
6, salt (I do not add MSG), white pepper
7, turn off the heat, Kazakhstan ~

I may be firing The steps and others are anti-a, are plucked from the air ~

Finished the table, I like to add points, sesame oil and balsamic vinegar.
summarized below: a sense of self can also be ~ Anyway, I gave a taste of home Chike you win a fight with the hotel, and ha ~ do not know if to console me ~

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