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DIY Food
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DIY handmade cheese cake

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-17

Tools section:
pots and pans, 1l to be around 2, 500ml of a
Whisk to 2,3 (with stir noodles machine, smoothie machines and better)
oven , to bring the
solid oven timer
activity mode (normal on the line, do not need Teflon's)
scraper, oiler, thin bamboo sticks
There are not Han ? It seems to be such a bar
material part:
cream cheese 700 (not butter and cheese, this is a thing)
sugar 250g

lime juice, half of the
wine, a little bit on the line, general use Cointreau or rum, watching mood of the
whipping cream 500g

Oreo 2 package
about 10-15g butter

Oreo cut to the middle of the sandwich hang up, leaving a black chocolate biscuit.
Of course, sometimes lazy and will use Master biscuits, can be much faster. But the order required to Oreo, so. . . .

Oreo broken. . .

Add butter and stir well after the shop at the end of care, because I was flat by hand, so the middle of filming a small step mix butter, this is the result, ha ha


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