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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food- twisted cruller

Source: Author: Time:2009-03-03

3, light panels placed on the roll open, sub-four copies of each and then cut into 8 small copies of a small portion of the above wiping water, take another small portions placed on it, a printing press with chopsticks.

4, under the pan deep fry golden brown, remove and drain the oil.


Small amount of sugar, mainly help in the fermentation, eating less sweet, but too little, do not fritter is golden yellow, it is also played the role of color.

I use a standard measuring cup, a cup = 240 milliliters.

bread can all be free, the role of the = and noodles, you can own hands and, as bread and noodles made of the same class.

Note that I used in high-gluten flour, this quantity with ordinary powder, it may be rare, it increases little by little flour, a spoonful, until the dough does not stain the hands, non-stick pots, very smooth . Provincial face time to be adequate and cover with lid or film to prevent the dough surface to dry out.

sent to two times until the dough is large, it can operate, and the next steps should be light-light, scrubbing as little as possible to avoid air bubbles escaped.

if there is sufficient time, cut into 32 small portions, the left panel, the cover wrap, secondary fermentation, 10 to 20 minutes, to see another small patch up some of the large , and then make the following operation.

above water enough to stick a small amount of play two one-sided piece on it. Behind the process must be light.

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