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DIY Food
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DIY Macau roasted pork

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-16

Ingredients: 1 pork skin pig
spices: allspice chicken salt cooking oil
1. Pork Wash, simmered boil 78 mature, and then use the flow of cold water drift cold. Fish out.
2. with the bamboo stick on the bar of numerous small holes in the pork skin evenly wipe salt.

3. Conversely, in the meat side of meat cut of about two-thirds of the thickness of a few Road. Use chicken, salt and pepper mixed five-spice powder, in the belly rub one side Rourou seasonings evenly.

4. Dry pork, (pigskin fans can focus a little bit dry to dry hard, before they can be burned baked) at this time is also a tasty process.

5. Using thin bamboo sticks fixed pork, barbecue meat to prevent the deformation process. And use aluminum foil to wrap meat belly side.

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