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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - vegetable omelet

Source: Author: Time:2009-06-15
Wild celery, water boiled, Full House are inundated with the scent of cold water or too cold. Then water squeezed, I am a hand grip of.
pork filling with dumplings, according to their own taste seasoning.
eggs, add a little less starch, stir well.
Heat pan, a little way to point the oil. (Oil cake more amorphous)
the egg down into the half, spread into a Dan Pi. Out.
other half poured into the pot, taking advantage of not cooked, put the stuffing on the Dan Pi. Immediately prior affiliation Dan Pi branded good coverage.
stamping, small fire Jian Shu. Pan.
delicious egg cake serving !

wild celery


Cake bake Well

Looks good

Accompanied by a bowl of blood sticky, delicious and nutritious

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