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DIY Fashion

Rope knot beaded bracelets

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-19


● Material: bead 14mm(1) , 12mm(4), 10mm(2);
Brown, beige wax all a 50cm rope.



1, will be penetrated through brown wax beads 14mm rope, is located in the middle, two wax rope alignment;

2, the two ropes and wax together, tie a knot and adjust the location good, taut;

3,14 mm beads the other with a way to tie a knot Step 2;

4,12mm yellow wax bead penetration meter rope, with the tie Step 2 methods;


5, followed by the remaining penetration bead, tie a knot:


6, all the beads after penetration knot diagram as follows:


7, the final step is the end, the tie methods can stretch bracelet size regulation size; the meters will be a yellow wax rope with a rope of brown wax method of pressing the knot in the figure below; depth rope or wax the same color knotted rope wax combination, a total of four playing guitar, composed of two groups:



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