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DIY Fashion

Pearl Chain With a sweater

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-19



Materials and tools

1, 8MM imitation pearl 20 of 24 grass-green 10MM shallow 10MM white 30-pin
2,9 a number of
3,2 CM Black Ribbon width 150CM
4,1 CM Black Ribbon ; 100CM
5, brooch care
6, the two chains folder
7,8 MM metal ring two
8, pipefish clamp a
9, a pair of scissors the
10, a hot melt adhesive guns


Materials and tools ready, you can start to do a hands-
a first step, the first CD out of wide ribbon 40CM two, keep the rest of the reserve.


40CM to use a chain of Ribbon folder folder to folder on the side after a good backup.


The second step, check 1CM wide black ribbon, 8MM imitation pearl, 9-pin

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