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DIY Fashion

Make a smaller face

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-19




Step 1 :First of all, spread evenly in the face of the nearest color with their liquid foundation.


Step 2 :some of their dark color of the concealer applied on the temples. Opened with a sponge wiped evenly. This is almost the entire face of the stereotypes.


Step 3 :part of the shadow of the nose. From the brow to the tip of the nose along the bridge of the nose, with its own brush in one breath closer to the shadow color, of course, deep color and then it does not matter that reflects the effect of three-dimensional.


Step 4:Followed by high light. Place in the picture painted in red high-gloss, color, attention should be paid Oh, if all will be painted white, then it is a terrible experience, and the slightly yellow-white is a good choice to compare the color Orientals fitting.


Step 5:Finally, there is Blush. Evenly along the cheekbones on the Blush Brush. Then the residual Blush brush again in the eye next to it gently with a brush, which is where the picture ②. Finally, ③ is parallel with the eyebrow brush on a small number of local Blush. Of course, ② and ③ brush when the brush a little bit on the list.

5 steps to complete the following immediately smaller face.


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