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DIY Fashion

DIY herringbone slipper by fabric strap

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-03
We need to talk about the next prepared materials: an old cotton T-shirt (you can also prepare a variety of colors Oh!!! To do so out of slippers is the color), scissors, relatively thick strong rope
the first step: should first T shirt cut of the cloth as thick. Probably the width of 2.5 centimeters or so, the length of your foot length should be 2.5-fold ~ ~ scissors 12 can be (need 6 each slipper cloth) ~

The second step:
cloth with a rope from the middle of this a few linking ~ ~ ~ must be fastened

The third step is to use thick rope (or a long piece of cloth) a method of weaving back and forth up and down up and down series ~ ~ (it is more complex, I really limited ability to express ..... JMS specific look at the exploded view below ~ ~ ~ Do not through! mind Oh) 

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