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DIY Fashion

DIY silver clay necklace pendant

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-05
Prepare materials: silver art clay-5g
plug-in round ouch -1 months
Leather Strap Short Lian (black)-40cm
step 1

After the clay bunched up into spherical, and then crushed into a little egg-shaped.
step 2

In order to fight the wind on the embossed line on the clay.
step 3

Plug-round buckles of the pin part of the whole embedded in the clay inside. Re-use hair hot air drying machine works.
step 4

After drying, to sandpaper # 600 grinding the entire surface. Then, after the works with the fire to orange, then continue to heat 3 minutes. Burning mirror after doing modifications.
step 5

Wear Leather Strap, short Lian completed.

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