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DIY Fashion

DIY hairstyle - big wave hair

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-19

TIPS: head of hair as well as the back of the head at the hair should have a fluffy feeling, is to create a sexy hairstyle key!

STEP1. The use of flashlight in the hair tail to create a degree of natural Jumbo

STEP2. Hair into 1 / 2 of the upper and lower two beams, and then grabbed the following hair in a clockwise direction to rotate the ear clip with black hair fixed.

STEP3. To the top of the hair bundle to rotate counterclockwise to the inside, and then use black hair clip fixed.

STEP4. Then in the ear next to the other on the hair ornaments.

STEP5. Finally, Liu's hair volume, hair dryer blowing a little further to look at, then ran hair volume removed, creating a natural fluffy feeling.

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