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DIY Fashion

DIY fashion handbag

Source: Author: Time:2009-10-09

1\Material: cloth 42 * 68 cm, Shop cotton 42 * 67 cm, where cloth 42 * 60 cm, with double-sided adhesive cloth 42 * 67 cm, pocket fabric and pocket fabric 14 * 16 cm, 45 cm length zipper around a root, 20 cm a short zipper, backpack 210 centimeters, the pressure in the backpack on the cloth 3 * 210 cm, lace and printed mark
Finished size is: 25cmx32cmx8cm

2\To the table cloth, fabric shop cotton with double-sided tape and hot together and pressure lines, you can not pressure line (even like the pressure line after effects). Then fold folded is 42 * 39 centimeters. And away from the crease of about 4 cm, and recorded on a central point of the intersection marking

3\Stitches inside the outer pocket of cloth and lace cloth on the previous step are recorded at the mark. And sew on the printed label

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