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DIY Ceramics-how to dry clay

Source: Author: Time:2008-07-31
Method 1: boiled          
FIMO produced after the direct use of hot boiling, drying can be.

Method 2: baking treatment

Finished ceramic beads, Fimo clay pipes and other works, shall be placed in the oven or cooker for baking a general treatment. Have set the temperature and time Tornado oven (pictured) better, do not use microwave oven barbecue. If the oven temperature is not fixed equipment, can afford to buy industrial thermometer instead. The oven should normally be placed in well-ventilated place.

<< Tornado Oven

When baking, set oven temperature of 130 degrees, baking temperature of not more than 180 degrees, so as to avoid the phenomenon of burning cracks.

Barbecue time as the works (clay) thickness may be, in general the thickness of 1cm ceramic beads, in the oven temperature reaches 130 degrees, about 10-15 minutes can be.

If the barbecue lack of time, the works of brittle fracture; Otherwise it would easily give rise to the phenomenon of burning. If barbecue is not enough, it can be repeated to bake until cooked; cooled after the BBQ, pottery beads into a bright and hard work that is not easily deformed or broken.

Barbecue, the works directly on the oven, the oven not to put his work touches the wall. Ruoqiang Tao baking bead on wire shelves with the most appropriate (Figure).

If the oven set temperature of the device without first placing in the oven covered with tin-foil and then works its top and then a layer of tin-foil stamping, but shall oven door half open, so as not to burn too hot and produced the phenomenon.

  << electric stove
Tao bead on the wire
Baking hobble around the situation

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