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DIY cloth art-pig pillow

Source: Author: Time:2008-09-02
Length: 55cm or so

1, first of all to prepare kits, including fabrics, buttons, non-woven, bead needle, Glue stick, EPE and so on.
2, the use of beginners guide inside the cutting method of cutting, cut into two blue parts of the body, ears, mouth, top part of both the white and blue cut m the one, and finally cut about two nostrils.
Note: cutting ears, head, mouth, when, please m white and blue fabric stacked together (a positive move within two fabrics) and then draw on the cardboard in the above outline, and then was cut. In addition to parts of the body are the pros and cons of two kinds of unexpected colors.

3, along the contours of the use of flat stitch or back stitch to sewing, do not forget to leave the window Oh, so that we can upturned oh ~

small paste show: If the feel good parts too much, time-consuming, you can also get clothing sewing machines, Hei hei
4, a recent photograph of the ear. To see the window now? To leave like 5-10cm in length, and very difficult to turn over too short, too long when the seam is difficult, and then tell a little secret, leaving the window as far as possible to find a straight part of the time, so that when the seam Comparison easy.

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