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DIY rabbit bib for baby

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-07
flannel or towel cloth
flannel white (do face markings)
cotton (Shuiyu little or lattice can be)
non-woven a little orange (nose with)

1, the first theme of velvet and cotton on the inside where a good crop. And then cut out the white cloth on the lovely white markings. In the non-woven orange oval-shaped cut on the nose

2, with flannel uniform color and theme line, the white stripes sewn rabbit cheek. And then nailed two black buttons as eyes. Red line to sew on the nose, and then embroidered with a cute rabbit red mouth.

3, cloth and cotton surface on the surface, and fixed with a needle, sew on.
Attention! ! Do not forget to stay below a son, a good sewing had to put it upside down it!

4, after the stitches.
not come out looking great, but it left a hole in the following part of the red line.

5, carefully turn the rabbit over, leaving a hole in the bottom stitches, with iron ironing. When ironing ironing cotton that face, because the cloth or towel easily ironed bad. The rabbit ears and then press button sewn onto the tip.


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