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DIY art candle

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-13

Christmas soon arrived.
Let us recall the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts, and so on ......< br /> where Christmas candle is essential.

Now we come to learn about life in
using a variety of waste
diy Christmas candle method.

preparation materials: at home with ordinary candles, cans, knives, wooden chopsticks,


Pot pour ri will be cut by half after the cans inside with a candle, go into the pot, to melt.

Side of the melting, while puts inside put dye and shake with chopsticks.

Candle molds used in containers (cheese so-called shell, various shapes of the jelly so-called shell, etc.) inside the detergent wash it again.

Inverted container candles.

if to do layered effects, the first to collapse part of the inverted part of the solidified after ......< br />
solidified after the central candle will be concave down, after the solidification filled into the concave part of the candle inside.

Solidification time is about to insert the core.

To make straight into the core, the upper clamping with chopsticks until solidification date.

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