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DIY toy bear by Iron wire

Source: Author: Time:2012-10-25
Bear dad, male, 24 years of age, marital status unknown - note that this is not a marriage, but if you insist on his beautiful, we are also willing achievements section of stories, but I have to remind, he like to play, but a bundleand with wire:

For example, this crazy industry with iron Sizha into a wire bear toy - probably this is the best match wire bear essentially toys, only a distance not fondle, so in her arms a pro wire bear, can not be called, and should be called to obediently bear - crazy industry said, he is a novice to play the wire, also a year's time, this wire wire bear, he is most proud of one of the works, spare time own handmade, skills are not superb, but also own store customer praise (Bear dad that he drove a trade shop) to

Take a look at this wire bear is how to do it:

First, iron wire to a shelf

I said, the students, which invested too on grade, actually the direct use of waste paper board do take pictures background ...

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