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DIY Machine

Homemade diascope

Source: Author: Time:2008-04-29



It is learned that the manufacture of such a home projector, only need to purchase a 2-hand 15-inch liquid crystal display (price of RMB 2000 or less) and a slide projector to play (less than 500 yuan), in accordance with operational procedures is estimated that the entire conversion of the the time it takes less than 2 hours.


The design of this projector using a liquid crystal display iiyama, obtained through the auction network. According to introduction, to buy as long as a normal liquid crystal display panel to be able, if they are approached by people selling out of those tubes into the waste liquid crystal displays, but also can significantly reduce manufacturing costs projector. The projector can be bought new as far as possible, after all, is not new in your product and have useful life of light bulbs.




  1, high resolution, 15-inch liquid crystal display standard resolution is 1024 * 768, and the resolution of the projector million How much? I am afraid the price is still 800 * 600 of the world, higher than the products of this resolution is rare.

  2, the use of low-cost and a price of projector bulbs in about 3,000 yuan, and the working principle and similar projector slide projector, 450W light bulb price less than 300 yuan, or whether it is a single life has a great price advantage.

  3, lower environmental requirements, the need for a dedicated projector screen to show a clear effect, and if the projector will not be so troublesome, can be directly projected onto the wall, and the brightness, contrast considerable advantage in the home environment lights are turned off, if not fully able to see very clear images.

  4, low-cost, this Needless to say, in the 2,500 yuan before the DIY projector, all the specifications of the projector almost no advantage at all.


Next ,How to do


First of all, LCD dismantling. In addition to which some attention should be paid to the fixed parameters, such as liquid crystal display response time, resolution, etc., the choice of this liquid crystal display iiyama Another reason is that the demolition of convenience, users can even be easily removed from the LCD panel





To the previous plan, the dismantling of the work of LCD panels is completed. In the following, the author of the projector to do a small improvement, the bulbs will split inside out, for the account of a 600W, the price of the big light bulb projector bulb only one-tenth of the price. The benefits of doing so is good enough to further enhance brightness, brightness and even lighting in the room confrontation.

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