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DIY Machine

DIY overhead projector

Source: Author: Time:2008-06-08

Cost Control:
wood scraps 5 yuan, iron 3 yuan, and then 10 yuan to buy the old pair of scissors, in the metal screw bought 3 yuan. A hard one night, the chassis on the ok. Then, after the installation of optical path calculation, a bottle of white latex 3 yuan, a bottle of glue 1 yuan 5 a good angle, and then later the cost of nine such mirror is a combination of non-co-lens combination of Neil. Overall cost is less than an old LCD monitor prices, however, vga, s-Video, av, cable TV input counts can be directly connected cable television, clearly have paved from game.


This is the lamp connection, the chassis is very ugly, is the way to work in the furniture points to a few scraps, as well as iron is also, Oh, and then a broken saw blade division, set up a nail.

Raining outside, afraid to go out that day, all the dimensions are no tools for measuring visual, Oh, strong bar. Also, lamp, reflector bowls, not unlike the regular condenser manufacturers can be installed as a package mold completely with a few pieces of tin with a screw on the up, there is no carpentry and fitter engaged in similar acts of living simply is a kind of torture.

Fortunately all goes well, the smooth light bulb, the left figure above for the ugly self-made light room, the far left is the reflective bowl, the middle is the metal halide lamp, an iron sheet on the far right is a fixed condenser, there is no hole device , complete with hand-dug iron plus pair of scissors to the optical path of Dong Dong and pain.

The middle above the trigger, Zip is a ballast, you can see the two circuit boards for the transformer and drive


Haha, this is a home-made light room


Haha, finally the basic installation is complete, and Oh, no fixed, and so good and then fixed debug, and fall outside the chassis is watching television tuner, and Oh, had not thought of, and later was carried out for a connected later you can put the projector when the TV view, then watch the match, watching action films, but the horror of it may immersive.

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