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DIY Machine

DIY Car Phone MP3

Source: Author: Time:2008-06-11

First, the instrument sets apart

In fact, the main content is engaging in AUX interface, engage in a friend's eliminated, then steps. AUX car audio shop is usually the price of change is about 60 yuan, took about 30 minutes.

then bought a phone can be used for handsfree own conversion interface, even my old-fashioned K500 are, not to mention the model you are using, and anyway the city a lot of computers, cost 9 yuan.

Note 1: 10 million to buy with a MIC to pay attention to the model, without MIC, then be able to listen to can not say, useless

Note 2: SonyEricsson's Walkman series phones can be the first wife, and do not have to buy.

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