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DIY Machine

DIY alternative U-disk

Source: Author: Time:2008-07-15

What is it? A broken USB cable? If you really think so, then in its designer's trap by ~ ^ _ ^ As title above, this is actually a U disk, a USB cable look like broken U-disk. This year, in order to attract the eye do not hesitate to sacrifice their own image at the expense of the practice of no small number ~ can not be denied that this destructive practice of law is indeed simple, and the bid was very high. I estimate that the production of this U disk will not take 30 minutes - will be an ordinary USB cable from the plug at cut open, and then the card U-disk, memory chips, which can be directly embedded in all the costs are not More than 150 Yuan - that because you use the card U-disk, on the brand. Interested friends read on, each step has a picture, follow the steps you can ~

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