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DIY Machine

DIY iron sheet mouse

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-06
First, to prepare an iron box, you can go to the supermarket to buy the kind with a small iron box mints. In the tin on the cut two holes through the optical probe and the rollers, pay attention to wheel next to the left and right buttons to cut out the shape of the button.

Cut out the bottom of the mouse the size of block tin, (used here, the reason why the low-end Logitech mouse, because it is at the bottom is very flat, if it is Microsoft, which is the bottom of the bald part of the surface, you also need to iron Box bottom of the booster), and then the entire device into the tin, using glue or solder fixed. Line through the hole in front of the mouse can be.

As the height of tin, key in the lid definitely touched, the contacts inside the switch, so find something to pad buttons and switches in between the metal cover, it is recommended to use a flexible plastic, glued to the keys on.

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