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DIY metal sheet on mobile phone

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-06

Will be able to remove part of the phone are removed, leaving only the circuit board behind the protection of important chips of plastic sheeting. The antenna wrapped in plastic removed, leaving only the metal parts inside the works, with a thin wire (red) and the circuit board with the corresponding part of the connection, and then cross over installed in the back of the phone, the antenna part of the more bending into a square; LCD screen and keyboard on the right with a very good toughness transparent plastic plate connected on the left of the row lines, the front with a self-made stainless steel plate to protect, but also is used to connect mobile phone stainless steel cover on the left hook; fixed it is a side of stainless steel thin rod with a screw above in connection with the plastic plate section also left the location of mobile phone lanyard; LCD screen on the outside was originally black and white, I bought a polarization foil, it would be to change becomes dark blue at the end of white characters, the original and the handset in the same plane vibration motor, moved to a mobile phone cover; cover on both sides of the front of the microphone, the addition of a fixed with metal clamps; side of the original volume adjustment buttons, with the drum potato chips instead of barrels at the end of the metal plate; the original keyboard, there is a certain thickness, I use drum barrels at the end of the sheet metal chips, the above according to the original location of the button hole, according to the original layout of the figures, with clear plastic to stick figures and icons is good, play well the hole in the metal plate fixed on the top, just a blue background lights can be disclosed; handset outside, the installation of a small magnet, the metal below the keyboard can be attracted in order to prevent mobile phones do not Shen opened; appearance of the plastic case to remove the battery, remove the batteries inside, finished insulation treatment, outside the fitted sheet metal, engraved with my signature: battery contacts with processed into a suitable waste plastic to protect the shape of the blue above that the small yellow arrows, according to the original plan should be up with the adhesive, but it was discovered that not long will be loose, in order to act according to plan, fees for a long time effort, with its metal copper has a similar shape, size slightly larger than the tip, first in plastic baffles above the ironing out of a groove, then the arrow embedded in plastic baffle in; and finally, and then a strong glue made of electronic components, exposed insulation treatment; and so on ... & hellip ;

been modified, cell phones greatly reduced the volume than the original, but become more like strange, but I'd kinda like it, it is certainly not for a while and a mobile phone! :)
specific details of manufacture, is relatively more complicated not go into detail at this writing.

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